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buildingWe are marketing consultants working to develop resources and new markets for growing and established businesses.

Having all thumbs we appreciate the finished product and environment builders create from their own mind, mimicking others results or creating a combination from many resources.

Many times we are in awe as we take pictures and video as a home is being remodeled.  Being curious, we ask questions why they are doing this or that to understand how much detail they have to consider to make the project come to fruition.

Questions we ask while watching a builder work his talent:

How did you get that to line up?
Where did that design come from?
What made you put that counter in that configuration?
Have you done that before?
How do you still have all 10 fingers?

To walk in with the homeowner to see the final environment is very awe inspiring.

We are happy to present to you so many Builder’s Talents in one fine location.

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